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a child did wander through the stars …

how he traveled I don’t know …

all I know is the beauty he saw …

dazzling lights and colors true, representing every hue …

then one day he saw a world, big and blue with oceans dark …

down he went unto the land to wander lost upon the sands …

until he came upon a man

to whom he shared his many sights

one day that man would write a book

that is how I know that

in a galaxy far away

a child did wander among the stars

and maybe he still does


Editorial note:  These words came to me a a song as I was trying to figure out a way to share the above images (which are of ice on windows).  Since I can’t read or write music, I can’t really tell you how the song goes but maybe you can come up with your own tune. It wasn’t until the last few lines that I realized I was referencing the story of The Little Prince. 

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Call and Response with the Sun*

Sun, will you shine in my sky?
Lord, yes indeed, I will try.

Sun, will you shine, brightening my sky?
Lord, yes indeed, I will try.

Sun, will you shine in my sky?
Lord, yes indeed, I will try.

Sun, my sweet sun, will your light fill this world?
Yes, Lord! Yes, indeed, I will try.


*Lyrics composed while sittin’ in the sun.

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I love showing collage artist Zoe Langosy my photography.  She is the only person who has ever viewed my work and said, “Wow, that’s beautiful.  I can’t wait to cut it up!”  And I, quite frankly, can’t wait to see what she does with the deconstructed images.  As I’ve said before, she is an inspiration to me as an artist who follows her passion with paper and at the same time is so guiding to other artists, young and old.  I’m honored that her latest work includes a bit of my photography, the sunlit branches.

Last time these branches helped garb a geisha of autumn and winter.  This time around the scene is decidely different in the piece she’s created for show at the UForge Gallery’s Visual Lyrics Exhibit.  For this exhibit, artists were challenged to pay homage to the lyrics of their favorite song.  Find out for yourself what song inspired Zoe.  The show will be on view starting tonight through November 27th.  More information available here:  Visual Lyrics Exhibit at UForge Gallery, Jamaica Plain, MA.

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