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Not with my one pea pod. In the right light I can see the tiny peas. One for sure. Two maybe. I’m hoping for three. The whole pod is about three-quarters of an inch. The largest pea is the size of the smallest seed bead and the smallest pea like a period. Why does such a tiny thing bring me joy? Even in the midst of pain, physical or otherwise, I look at that pod and it makes me smile. And I wish I could box up that feeling, in tiny boxes of course, and mail it out to the friends and family who need some joy in their lives. Or at least a momentary smile.

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At the window my one pea blossom continues to bloom reminding me of a garnet drop.

The radish seeds with which I had such early, painful adventures have leafed out. I harvested some to form this base of a salad.

The flowers, plucked from a small pot in the hallway, didn’t have much flavor. Too subtle for my palate. But for my painting palette, they were just perfect. 🙂

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As I was observing tulip petals, holding them up to the light, I noticed in the tangle of oversprouted peas I have growing at my window, a single pea blossom. Will it bloom? Will a pea pod form? Time will tell. Meanwhile in a moment of whimsy I decided to photograph my blossom against a background of tulip petal. No meaning. No expectation. Just indulgence in curiosity.

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pea tendrils

My indoor garden is in a bit of disarray. The nasturtium grew poorly in terms of foliage but continues to find strength to bloom. I’ve got peas in three little pots, their tendrils reaching for the sun. I need to decide soon if I will snip their tender tops to eat (the original intention) or let them grow tall and strong and possibly produce pods!

radish, nasturtium, and red kale greens

radish, nasturtium, and red kale greens

The radish are doing well … but I planted too many seeds and so now I have radish greens growing everywhere. Some of those little pots are designated as future salad greens, but I did find a few strong plants to put in one bigger pot. We’ll see if I can actually grow radishes indoors.  I was very successful growing potatoes indoors. They were marble-sized but that doesn’t really matter. 😉


The herbs are so far doing well. I’m looking forward to the chef in my life roasting some baby potatoes on a bed of sage and maybe doing something with grilled cheese and fresh basil.

As wonderfully disorganized as everything is … I’ve got tarragon growing in a bathroom and rosemary in a bedroom … I cannot help but find joy in this garden and in the knowledge that the growing season has only just begun.

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Oh, yes, indeed.  I was intentionally playing with my food.

It had been a long day of working with words.  So, at the end of that day, the little kid in me just wanted to dabble in color.

I rose from my desk and walked real fast to the corner store, a Korean market where the owner always greets me with a smile.

She’s used to me now, sometimes entering her store, with no purpose, just to wander the aisles in a bit of a daze, trying to let go of a heady day.

But this day, I had a purpose.  I knew I wanted vegetables to carry home and chop up and photograph in the light of the setting sun.

I wasn’t really thinking dinner. Luckily, Steve always is and so when he returned home, I simply showed him my colorful palette and he saw cooking ingredients.  After a moment of thought, he nodded and said, “I can work with this.”  He would add white garlic and red onions to the mix, but no images of these items do I have for this post because by then I had put my camera away.

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