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He stood so still I nearly missed him.

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I did indeed photograph the whole bird as it stood on a log in the Mystic River. I was hoping it might take flight but it didn’t and so I began to focus on the one thing moving — the water rippling as it flowed over the heron’s feet.

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If I had had my camera in hand today as I walked home along the Charles River, would I have seen the Great Blue Heron?  Would it have walked toward me, coming so close that I could see the wind ruffling its feathers, so close that I could see the gradations in color that give the bird its name?  I don’t think so.  I think I would have been too concerned by the thing in my hand to notice the bird fishing at the water’s edge.

And of all that I saw of that great bird, what do I remember most?

When it raised its head and sighted its golden eye upon me.

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