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Have you read Ray Bradbury’s The Pedestrian?  I had not until today.  Out loud.  Quite moving.  Amazing how some stories remain timeless, isn’t it? I also chanced upon the following video, a six minute and forty-four second student production based on the 1951 short story.  The dialogue is in German but if you do not speak German, I think the scenery and music are powerful enough.   See what you think when you have a chance.

The original short story:  The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

The YouTube video: http://youtu.be/t3qZsXStnlw

The Wiki summary (with some quotes by Bradbury): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pedestrian


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Hmmm.  I don’t think I’m being curmudgeonly or old-fashioned but … really … does every movie under the sun have to come out in 3D and be organ-rattlingly loud?   Where does cinema and the entertainment world go from here?  Perhaps back to the basics.   Here’s my two cents:  I think the next cinematic revolution will be silent, black and white films.  Unless there’s such a thing as 4D programming.  Is there?

I was surprised to see, after a cursory search, that there’s still quite a bit of activity around silent films.  There’s Silent Movie Mondays taking place in Seattle, and there was a silent film festival in Kansas this past February.  And here’s the blog for Ben Model a silent film music accompanist, and his 2010 road schedule.  And here’s a neat blog called The Bioscope “reporting on the world of early and silent cinema.”

Some of my favorites:  Son of the Sheik with Rudolf Valentino, The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Lon Chaney, anything with Charlie Chaplan and anything with Lillian Gish.

Want to know more?  Here’s a good jumping off point:  Silent Film Wikipedia entry

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