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So one day sunlight came through a window and shone through a glass of water that I had left on a table.  A scientist friend of mine explained that what I captured were caustics and that the ripples in the water were acting like lenses refracting the light around. I think I understand most of that. Mostly I appreciated the simple beauty of the lines on the paper and the opportunity to play around with the images later on the computer.


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I have been having a lot of fun lately “painting” with technology.  That is what is has felt like to hunker down in front of the computer and use digital tools to manipulate the light, shadow, colors and design of some of my nature images.  In the future I’d like to try printing some of these images on different textured papers.

Or perhaps transferring the images to fabric.  I’m always open to ideas.  What do you think?

More images can be found here.

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