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During lunch, on a bright sunny day, I went for a walk through Edmands Park with camera in hand.  Inspired by Ansel Adams, I decided to shoot in black and white.  I’m quite excited to see how the pictures come out.  Mr. Adams was on my mind because of a recent blog post I’d read about some of his photos held at the National Archives.  In 1941 he was commissioned by the National Park Service to create a mural  that exemplified nature in the national parks.  When the U.S. entered World War II, the project was halted.  You can read more here on the National Archives website.  The following picture in particular lit the creative spark in me.


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In response to friends’ queries about what I’ve been up to creatively, following are a few beginning of the year updates.  I’ll do my best to post something like this monthly.  Enjoy and have a good day!


Motivated by a friend’s generous and delicious gift of persimmon butter, I went in search of a whole persimmon and came home with a bag of different fruits and inspiration to launch a new gallery of food-related images.


I work near Edmands Park, a 33-acre green space in Newton, MA.  Every chance I get, I grab my camera and go for a walk in the woods.  I’ve begun a new gallery to highlight my favorite features.  The Newton Conservators has been nice enough to post some of my pictures on its website as well.



Upcoming …

I’m working to gather photos and information of blood oranges.  Blood oranges are primarily available during the winter months.  Sicilian in origin, they are now grown in Texas and Florida as well.  They are good for you and beautiful to photograph. 😉

I keep hearing that January is National Letter Writing Month.  So, I’m going to focus this month on putting pen to paper to reconnect with old friends and to make professional connections with regard to my photography and creative writing.  Setting goals is easy.  Carrying them out … much harder.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Last year I had great fun taking short photographic expeditions with my boyfriend and hope to do more trips this year.  Mostly we venture to local nature areas.  We have different shooting styles and techniques and we certainly use very different camera equipment.  We’re both very good at directing the other to get some perfect shot… usually without argument.  😉  Who knows?  We may do a joint show some day.  I’ll keep you posted!

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