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Here’s my short list of things making me smile at this moment:

* a small red clay frog sitting on my desk, its bright black eyes shining in the lamplight.  I bought it for my friend Melissa but I keep forgetting to mail it to her.

* the wily little mouse in Steve’s kitchen and Steve’s fervent wish that it would simply learn to wear diapers.  Meanwhile he’s feeding it … I mean baiting it … with increasingly gourmet concoctions, from hummus to fresh strawberries.

* recent conversations with my oldest brother as he shares more family stories from a time when I was too little to notice anything but a baby bottle.

*beautiful African images (see above) just shared by a nephew who has more of the travel bug in his blood than his world-traveling aunt ever did.

Maybe there will be more things by the end of the day.  I must admit the impetus for this post was just viewing Ron Gutman’s TED video, The Hidden Power of Smiling.

So … what’s making you smile?  😉

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