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Well, I won’t lie.  I was having a moody morning to be sure.  The approaching storm outside my window didn’t help.  But instead of denying that fact, I decided to use that darker energy for this post.

I may have had no choice in the matter.  You see, as I sorted through images this morning for a project that must be bright and colorful, I found myself drawn toward the darker photos, those with branches and leaves in stark contrast against pale skies.

Like a persnickety child, I suddenly wanted to select only those images, the darkest of my photographs in black and white …

… and those in hues of all the shadowy shades.

Even though I knew I could not submit them for the project.

But selecting the images and spending time in a darker place was like taking a deep breath … or smacking a styrofoam bat against a tree.  A bit of release. 😉

Until I could abide the color amidst the shadows and the light leaking through.

Yes, I remain a bit moody and the rains have yet to fall outside my window but I think, just maybe, it might turn into an okay day.  We’ll see …

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I have a good friend who is working on assignment out west near the Grand Canyon.  Occasionally, she will call in to describe the wildlife that she is seeing at dusk and dawn and all hours in between.  This morning she left a message about five large elk silhouetted against the evening sky.  Later, as I went through my image archives,  I found myself being particularly drawn to those subjects cast in shadow.  Here are a few that jumped out at me.


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… the moon rose.

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While I fear the coming cold, I love the autumn sun.  These are images I took while chasing the setting sun at home, through windows on two floors.  I especially love how the light falls upon the oak tree, and on the wings of my butterflies.

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