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That first time he pulled me over after the library alarm had sounded, I actually put my hands on my hips and said, “Come on! You’ve got to be kidding.  I’ve been coming to this library for years.  Do you really think I’d steal a book?”  All he said was, “This way, ma’am.”  Together we walked over to the machine.  He had me empty my pack of all books and together we discovered which one I’d improperly demagnetized while doing self checkout.  During the whole procedure his face never changed.  Aside from the initial pull over, and then a statement about “it’s the rules,” his lips never moved.  He could have been a Nubian statue.  I became determined to make him smile.  Years later, I’ve yet to succeed.  Our relationship has progressed.  Now when I race by to drop off and pick up books, I make eye contact, smile and wave.  He blinks once or twice and then nods in acknowledgement.  Sometimes there’s a subtle bow.  One day, I’m tempted to dance a jig just to see what he does.  Bet he has a great laugh.  Meanwhile, my interactions with this guard and others this summer have had me musing about both silence and the human voice.  Not sure what will become of such thoughts but they have led me to the following lovely little video.  It’s less than 3min long, but if you’d prefer to simply listen to the original recording, click here.  Hope you find time to view and/or to listen. Have a good weekend.

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