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I highly recommend taking a break in the day to read Christian N. Kerr’s review of an imaginative experiment in words and images by filmmaker Jennifer Crandall, Whitman, Alabama.  As Kerr writes, “The project is journalistic at heart, presenting a pointillistic portrait of the expansive American identity through 52 short videos of Alabama residents reading the 52 verses of “Song of Myself.”” New videos, just a few minutes in length, are scheduled for release every Friday of 2017. Read Kerr’s review here and please do visit Whitman, Alabama  http://whitmanalabama.com/  It’s worth the journey.

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While cleaning out old email archives today, I found this link that I had sent to myself nearly ten years ago.  How apropos given that outside my window snow does fall and the skies are dark.  If you read the following essay, please read it from beginning to end.  Because only then will it make sense.  I don’t remember how or why I chanced upon this article so many years ago, but I am glad that I rediscovered it today.  Enjoy.

Winter Lights by Roger Rosenblatt

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