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The story behind the image:  Steve and I were taking a short walk along Revere Beach.  The tide had receded quite a bit.  He followed the water. I stayed on shore searching out seashells and stones and wishing I’d worn a thicker sweater.  As he returned to me, he suddenly paused and shouted, “Come here. You have to see this.” I raced over and looked down at where he was pointing.  Lines and curves in the sand?  “Bifurcation diagrams in nature,” he exclaimed.  I peered more closely, frowning.  He tried explaining the mathematics of what he saw for me. “It’s like the multiplication of little streams leading to chaos.” “Well,” I said slowly, “I’m reminded of those Asian landscape paintings of mountains with cascading waterfalls over the rocks.”  We studied the sand for a bit longer, he helping to point out different ways to frame photographs of the bifurcation he was seeing, and we both appreciating our different perspectives of the world.

A poster print of this “mountainous” scene is available online here.




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