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Recently while traveling in Maryland, Steve asked if I’d like to visit one of his old hiking spots near the Potomac River.  After telling me the path’s name, the Billy Goat Trail, he simply added, “It’s a place I used to hike every weekend.  You’ll get some great shots.”  If he had further mentioned that we were about to embark on an adventure through “rough and rocky terrain,” scaling steep cliff faces and edging around tall boulders while beneath us water raged by … well, I probably would have bowed out.  In the end, I’m glad I didn’t. 😉

As we trekked along, beauty revealed itself with every step, especially the beauty of the stone …

… and the unexpected reflections in the slower moving pools.

Mushrooms were abundant in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Though I avoided the spiders, there were plenty of other little creatures to be found in the waning light.

      In the end, we did not do the whole trail.  The sun was soon to set.  We took the “emergency exit” located midway along the path.

And to our surprise, as in the beginning when we first set foot upon the trail, at the end as we stepped off, there stood the blue heron.


The Billy Goat Trail lies within the Chesapeake  & Ohio Canal National Historical Park.  You can read more about the C & O Canal via this link.  Learn more about the Billy Goal Trail here.

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