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Well, not really.  A friend hung a large poster print of a photograph I took of 4 maidens in Edwin Abbey’s mural depicting scenes from the search for the Holy Grail.  As I photographed the poster and how it appeared in his home, I began to notice the reflections in the picture frame.

The layering of images, especially in black and white, appeared ghostly to me.

The effect was heightened by some rather moody music playing in the background at a local music festival.

In any case, I hope my friend enjoys his poster.

That poster print and other items are available here.

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Hands, hands, hands.  I was surprised in preparing this post to discover that I have written about hands quite a bit over the years. Two posts that moved me most were from four years ago, Hands I and Hands II.   Hands stood out again during a recent visit to the Boston Public Library, visiting yet again the room with the Abbey Murals. I’ve photographed the murals often but this time I tried to focus on the hands.

For those new to the murals, in the 1890s Edwin Austin Abbey began a series of 15 wall paintings depicting The Quest and Achievement of the Holy Grail (based on a version of the legend by Henry James).  They were installed in 1895.

On the BPL website, you can read a description of the 15 panels and the story they depict.  Given how many shy maidens must have their hands kissed by Sir Galahad …

… and how many babes, swords and various vessels must be borne aloft and so on …

… well, it’s clear why Abbey paid so much attention to the hands of his legendary figures.

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