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I have learned that my brother and I have been independently dreaming of front porches.  We live in homes now that have porches of a sort but not the porch of our childhood.  Each of us is feeling that call that comes at this time of year to make ready the porch.  Paint and put out the chairs.  Hope the maple tree next door will provide enough shade.  Try to grow some potted plants.  And so on.  In honor of those memories, I share this link to an essay I wrote not long after moving up north from down south:   Sitting on the Front Porch.

By the way, when I wrote this essay, my brother still lived in the house.  He now rents it to an older lady who likes to grow tomato plants in all available space including along the front porch.  And the elderly lady who appears near the end of the essay is still alive.  I visited her during a trip back to Virginia.  She was very welcoming from her front porch and even took us inside to sit for a bit where her children had to remind her at some point, “Mama, you are 99 not 89.”  Her response was “Is that right?”  And so it goes. 😉

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