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Transmigration is a 10 minute and 53 second composition by Michael Veloso, written for organist Joshua Lawton.  Seven years ago, I heard it performed at Trinity Church in Copley Square during its Friday Organ Concert series.  I’d been listening to Lawton rehearse all morning and so I knew something happened for me as listened, a build up that was visceral, starting about 5 minutes into the work.  During the actual event, at about the 8 minute mark, a woman raced from the performance in tears.  A man followed, perplexed, and said, “I don’t know what happened.” I could say nothing because I too felt the well up of emotion triggered by something in that marriage of the composer’s work, the organist’s skill, and, likely, the acoustics of the church.

I later wrote the composer asking him about the piece.  At the time it was not available publicly, but I just happened to do a search this morning, and voila.  Not quite the same as listening to a live performance in a building known for its acoustics, but well worth a listen if you have a chance.  You can learn more about the composer here: http://mjveloso.com/.

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