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There was an American man named Phillips Brooks who traveled abroad to Europe, and as he traveled he wrote in his notebooks, and in one of those notebooks, as he traveled in Germany, he wrote the following sonnet. Since reading it, I have wanted to seek out what he refers to as noontide blue.


The heaven of Truth lies deep and broad and still

And while I gaze into it, lo, I see

Some human thought, instinct with human will,

Gather from out its deep serenity.

Awhile it hovers, changes, glows, and fades,

Then rolls away; and where it used to be

Naught but the heaven of Truth from which it rose

Looks down upon me deep and broad and free.

So have I seen, shaped in the noontide blue,

A floating cloud attain to gradual birth,

And then absorbed in that from which it grew

Leave only the great Sky which domes the earth.

What are men’s systems, thoughts, and high debates

But clouds which Truth creates and uncreates?

— Phillips Brooks, 1882

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