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These images are from a quick walk taken just before sunset

when the low-angled light was so bright and wonderfully illuminating.

The end of day was a bit blustery and I think the tide was coming in

producing ripples and waves wearing away at the sands.

I collected some rocks that I’m sure I’ll play with over time.  Other items were picked up long enough to photograph but they were left behind and are now probably back beneath the ocean.

Such a walk was a nice way to end the day.

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Words taken from  Wordless: Writer’s Block and Grief, a beautiful essay out today by writer Lorraine Berry in Talking Writing Magazine.  As the title suggests, it is about a writer dealing with grief.  It is a moving piece that I hope you have a chance to read. It was startling to read of black birds in the first paragraph of her essay.  Birds of that dark shade have been on my mind of late though none did I see on a recent walk through the Fells. A friend faraway, who is dealing with grief, had mentioned as part of a larger conversation of seeing blackbirds outside of his house.  And though I was not close enough to hug him as he might have liked, we did spend a while talking about the wings of the bird and how they glistened iridescent in the sun.  Mostly on my walk through the Fells, I saw leaves. 😉

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Part of the genesis of the story referenced in the previous post, about The Long Walk, was an accidental 26 mile walk I took a few months ago.  Now, people keep asking me, “How do you accidentally walk a marathon?”  Well, let me tell you, it is possible, if you keep wondering what’s around the bend.

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