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It has been almost two years since my photo essay Winter’s Light appeared in Talking Writing.

Of course I still love the light of this approaching season.

With that winter’s light in 2011, I focused on the illumination of “ordinary objects,” from condensation to old postcards hung on a wall.

With this morning’s near-winter light, I was struck by the illumination of branching fingers of ice.

To view such scenes at the start of the day feels magical.  Feels cold, too, but still magical. 😉

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Words taken from  Wordless: Writer’s Block and Grief, a beautiful essay out today by writer Lorraine Berry in Talking Writing Magazine.  As the title suggests, it is about a writer dealing with grief.  It is a moving piece that I hope you have a chance to read. It was startling to read of black birds in the first paragraph of her essay.  Birds of that dark shade have been on my mind of late though none did I see on a recent walk through the Fells. A friend faraway, who is dealing with grief, had mentioned as part of a larger conversation of seeing blackbirds outside of his house.  And though I was not close enough to hug him as he might have liked, we did spend a while talking about the wings of the bird and how they glistened iridescent in the sun.  Mostly on my walk through the Fells, I saw leaves. 😉

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check out the Spring 2013 issue of Talking Writing Magazine.  There’s just some darn fine writing and imagery appearing in that publication.  Start with Editor Martha Nichol’s reflections on Why I Love and Hate Nature Writing. And in Green Among the Bones, Marc Schiffman presents a moving recount of his travels in Cambodia in an essay illustrated with photography by Mary Dineen.  More of her work can been seen in her Image Essay.  I’ll be honest I almost titled this post “my butt hurts,” a line taken from Patricia Dubrava’s Me, Writing.  I’ll stop there.  Hmmm, okay, two more words:  treat yourself. 😉


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