two shades of red


a red onion and red pepper topping

a red onion and red pepper topping (in a bright blue bowl)


That is the music that I happened to be listening to as I downloaded these images, of morning light falling upon the African violets in the kitchen.  Not a bad way to start the week.  Have a good one, folks.



I just feel like there’s music in this play of light and shadows and hints of color.

my city walk

It was long, but beautiful.

beautiful blossoms

potato blossom

potato blossom

You’d almost think it was spring where I am, there are that many blossoms in the kitchen.

nasturtium bloom

nasturtium bloom

red pepper flower

red pepper flower


Reflected in the waters are the usual plants found by freshwater and also the long lines of neighboring buildings.  No fish have I seen at this juncture yet nor turtles or frogs.  The ducks seem to have a good time when they drop in, and there are many colorful dragonflies.

… there was just one

I’m afraid I scared off its partner. I’ll move slower next time.


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