light through a window and on the curtains, and all the associated reflections

That’s why I sat down in the chair, to lace up my shoes, so that I could dart outside to pull a view blossoms from the neighbor’s vine.

But as always I looked up and out through the rippled glass, and so had to pause in my morning glory venture to snap a few photos of bright near-autumn sun raining down.


statue of St. Paul on the west porch of Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston

of light and shadows

I still have rocks to photograph, an acorn cap, and even the wings of a wasp.  I am grateful for the “nature offerings” that people give to me with the simple charge of “try photographing this.”  Today’s offering that called to me was a branch with many curled leaves. It is an evolving photo shoot that began with the branch on a black plate.  And then, as usual, I wondered what would happen if I filled the plate with water.  And then, as usual, wonderful things happened, I think.


I am not a full-time food photographer or stylist, but I do have fun on occasion with a piece of fruit or a slice of vegetable sitting on a dark plate in the sunlight.  And if you follow this blog you know how I love my potted herbs.  I’ve collected some of my favorite food photos into a new Zazzle shop:  Just Food by Cynthia.

Posters in this store will always be 6 x 6 in size and available for purchase at $9.75.  Why 6 x 6?

Well, I personally love 6 x 6 frames, like the following, which easily stack on surfaces in the kitchen or can hang, often in a series, on the wall.  This particular image of a romanesco broccoli was purchased for a gentleman who studies fractals, and loves to eat. ;)

Please visit the store when you can.  New items to be added at least once a month. Yum! ;)


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