Where do you find beauty?  I find it in the strangest, most wonderful of places, like peering through the window glass.  I hope you enjoy the following essay, Finding Beauty, now appearing at Creativity-Portal.com, an award-winning website that helps one explore, nurture and express creativity.

a neighboring tree

a neighboring tree

The May/June 2014 issue of Alive Now Magazine focuses on hospitality.  I’m grateful to have one of my photos appear in the pages.  It is a lovely, thought-provoking issue.  Hospitality is something I struggle with.  I know I’m not always as welcoming as I could be but I will endeavor to do better until the end of my days I hope. ;)  Learn more about Alive Now and the availability of this issue here.

after the rains

I took these photos a few days ago, indeed, after a spring rain.  Today, these buds are bold blossoms, their petals glistening quite beautifully in melting spring snow.  I didn’t quite have the heart to photograph the snow. ;)

complex beauty

These scenes are from Boston’s Back Bay along historic Commonwealth Avenue.  I must say, I am quite thankful spring has finally arrived. ;)


p.s. A few folks have asked where this flower shop is located.  You can learn more here.


Why am I seeking serenity?  Well, in short, I made the “mistake” of looking at the headlines of the New York Times but it is one of those deeds that must be done on occasion so you know, if only a little bit, about what’s happening in the world.  After reading a few articles and sighing deeply, I decided I needed some serene images to pave my way for the rest of the day.  So I went back through the files and selected these images taken a few years ago in a field in Woburn, MA.  Hope you enjoy them and have a good Friday.

I wasn’t happy with any single image but somehow seeing the whole group worked for me.  It is fun being able to play with your food.


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