one day …

One day, I will move from this house in Somerville with its many windows.  I will no longer be able to climb its spiral staircase to the top floor and from there to peer out the old window at the towering oak.  I will no longer be able to train my camera up through that tree’s branches into the sky.  But that day has not yet come. So on this bright September morn, I am grateful for this window, this oak and the blue of the sky beyond.  Have a good day, folks.

african violet up close

light through a window and on the curtains, and all the associated reflections

That’s why I sat down in the chair, to lace up my shoes, so that I could dart outside to pull a view blossoms from the neighbor’s vine.

But as always I looked up and out through the rippled glass, and so had to pause in my morning glory venture to snap a few photos of bright near-autumn sun raining down.


statue of St. Paul on the west porch of Trinity Church in Copley Square, Boston


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