I returned from Ireland to my potted plant of potatoes.  A second crop.  Sitting in the bay window, with so much sun, the greenery was still vibrant but I figured it was time to look beneath the soil.  Eventually the little potatoes were gently scrubbed and tossed into a frying pan with some meat drippings.  After a fork full, my dinner companion uttered, “Mmmmm. Creamy.” Next year, I’m going to work with a bigger pot. ;) Have a good Friday.

here’s the short of it …

I have three little shops and there’s one Black Friday. If you’ve visited my shops and seen something you liked for yourself or someone else, now’s a great time to revisit and take advantage of these discounts.  Links for the shops are below. New items have been added in them all.  Enjoy. ;)




Thanksgiving: Simple Gifts


Well said, I think. Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are in the world. ;)

Originally posted on Bob Schwartz:

Shaker Sewing Table

The Shaker dance song Simple Gifts (Joseph Brackett, 1848) is the ultimate Thanksgiving song. It is also the ultimate American song, provided we recognize that in America, the most religious and richest nation on earth, simplicity and humility are ideals worth aspiring to and striving for.

Ken Burns writes this about his documentary The Shakers:

They called themselves the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, but because of their ecstatic dancing, the world called them Shakers. Though they were celibate, they are the most enduring religious experiment in American history. They believed in pacifism, natural health and hygiene, and for more than 200 years insisted that their followers should strive for simplicity and perfection in everything they did.

Shaker design, including furniture and baskets, may be familiar to you. So may the melody of Simple Gifts. It is frequently used in pop culture, and is most famous…

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beautiful grays

Through the rippled window in black and white.

Where’s the beauty?

I’m not sure.

I just know I find it all mesmerizing.

And I hope you enjoy.

Here’s the view in spring.

fun times at the mailbox

New postage stamps have been approved in one of my Zazzle shops.  Colorful vintage images celebrating nature, reading and fashion. Enjoy!

* Parasol Stamp available via this link.

* Joy of Reading Stamp available via this link.

* Parrot Stamp available via this link.

A steady rain falls this day and as the light shifts and the wind blows, beautiful patterns are created upon the kitchen windows.  In the foreground are the raindrops and in the distance are the branches of the towering oak tree, its leaves now dark russet and falling to the ground.

strands of light

I could hear her voice the whole time as I settled myself on the kitchen floor and peered beneath the oven.  And I can hear her voice every time I look at this photo of what I captured in that moment, of what caught my attention in the morning sun.  I hear my mother saying to my father, “Yes, the web is beautiful, but why can’t that child dust a bit more?”


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