A steady rain falls this day and as the light shifts and the wind blows, beautiful patterns are created upon the kitchen windows.  In the foreground are the raindrops and in the distance are the branches of the towering oak tree, its leaves now dark russet and falling to the ground.

strands of light

I could hear her voice the whole time as I settled myself on the kitchen floor and peered beneath the oven.  And I can hear her voice every time I look at this photo of what I captured in that moment, of what caught my attention in the morning sun.  I hear my mother saying to my father, “Yes, the web is beautiful, but why can’t that child dust a bit more?”

dubin green arrived

There’s always a tension in creating a product online.  Will the tangible reality be as nice?  Dublin Green exceeded all expectations.  You can read more in this prior post about why I created the book, the second in what may become a series. You never know what a year will hold. ;)

Dublin Green

… presenting new opportunities to photograph in black and white.

still photographing flowers

Their owner shall pick them up tomorrow, but I still have access to them today.

playing with paper

My little friend, now 7-years old, visited recently.  She went to her corner, picked up some blank paper and her basket of crayons.  As she sat down to draw, she said, “I enjoy playing with paper.”  I could only reply, “So do I.”  This year I have been playing with paper in new ways.

Spending time perusing sites like the Library of Congress Prints and National Gallery of Art. Imagining how available imagery might appear on items from a stamp to a sticker to a paper plate.  It is a new creative outlet, producing products that I hope people enjoy for themselves or as gifts for others of all ages.

My image selections are influenced by the people and events around me.  In recent weeks I’ve found myself in conversation with cat lovers, musicians and folks who enjoy entertaining others.


The shop where these items can be found is called StationeryWorks because it began with my desire to dress up the letters that I was sending to friends and family.  It will continue to evolve. I hope you have a chance to check it out. ;)


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