around one block

I was a bit early for an appointment in Boston’s Back Bay, so I decided to take a brisk walk around the block. This is what I saw.



The sunflower seeds that I sent to one of my brothers are doing well.  During the most recent heat wave in Virginia, he described diligently watering their stalwart green stems along with his green pepper plants.  I asked him this morning if they have yet to bloom and he replied, “No.  They just keep growing taller!  They are already taller than the porch.  The landlord worries they might overgrow the house. The stems are so thick and the leaves so broad, you can’t see anything. They are creating a natural wall.  The landlord may want to cut them down.” I encouraged him not to allow that to happen.  While they are not beanstalks for Jack to climb, who knows what’s to be found at the top of those flowers once they pierce the clouds?

As for these sunflowers, they were to be found in Boston’s Copley Square as I dashed through the Farmers Market this past Friday.  A delightful sight, living up to their name, like the sun come down to the ground.

now the jicama …

… that a friend recently shared, she had marinated in fresh squeezed lemon juice.  She explained how to take the root, whether sliced or diced, and then toss into salads and other dishes for crunchiness.  I kind of liked it cold, right out of the fridge, with a bit of sugar sprinkled on top.

before I ate it

I had to try photographing it. A red bean paste bun from a local market. Tasty.

untitled for now

An image taken through the rippled glass window of a neighboring house, tree and climbing vines.  In recent years I’ve been encouraged to print my photos much larger.  Be bold! This is an image that I would like to print quite large. It’s just a matter of selecting the right frame, or perhaps there should be no frame at all.

red tipped


I mean … viola! :)


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