the frozen nasturtium

My last frozen experiment. Probably. What a fun ride.

patterns on the window


post-blizzard patterns on the windows this morning

oak tree in snow

reminiscent of a jellyfish

Icicles hanging from a light fixture across the street. Only 8-10 more inches of snow to fall before the storm blows through.  We’ll see what other structures are formed and where.

paper whites on ice

Some of the bulbs still thrive in the hallway but one had faded away and so I took its drying blossoms and placed them in a bowl and tucked them in the fridge. This morning, as with the rose, I photographed the results.  This morning’s light was less intense then on the day I shot the rose but it was bright enough.

in a recycled carry out container grows pea sprouts that are quite tasty with tomatoes and hummus.  In the gold goblet, upland cress is hopefully germinating.  Their sprouts from a previous harvest were quite fine on smoked salmon.  And I think in the clay pots I planted some combination of sunflowers and a spicy mesclun mix.  The sun shines on them bright so we’ll see what happens next. And, meanwhile, outside and down below, that same sun shines intense on a landscape covered in ice and snow.

… they grow in their small vessels upon a short bookcase that’s filled with cookbooks and related food literature.  It has been a joy to try photographing their leaves, from different angles, in this morning’s bright winter’s light.


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