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A bird by the Mystic. If you know the species, please share. 🙂


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… birds were present as well as the bees. This is the only young one who would sit still for me. I think he’s still testing his wings.


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I kept wanting it to take flight, to see its wings fill with light, but it did not want to fly apparently, no matter how many times it lifted its wings. I chanced upon the egret in my usual way, stepping to the edge of a structure and peering over to see what I might see, and there so still in the grass it stood …


… before taking those high-legged steps into the water …


… and then back out again onto land, feathers ruffled but still not taking flight. An impasse. Finally under the heat of the intense noonday sun I moved on suspecting that with my back now turned the egret’s wings spread and silently beat the air as it rose upward and upward, away.




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“What is it? What is it? What is it?” The little girl’s song almost overshadowed that of the bird’s. Her mother, a bit exasperated perhaps, snapped, “It’s a bird!” The little girl’s tune changed. “Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?” As the mother took a deep breath, I stepped forward and knelt down. “Do you want to see it?” She nodded and so I showed her the bird on my camera. I zoomed in too, and she said, “Ooooh! It’s furry!” “Nope, just little feathers,” I corrected. She squinted at me. “But where is it in the tree?!” I stood up and said, “Follow my finger.” And she did, and she was just barely able to make out the bird in the branches that had continued to sing heartily the whole time we were staring down at the camera.

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I was in a field in Woburn today. Yes, that same field in an office park that I’ve photographed over the years. It is a small bit of green that is a haven for birds, I think. The air is always full of birdsong. The other sound you hear is the cry of the hawks. I heard it as I stood in the parking lot today and, looking up, I saw a pair circling their domain. I had no intention of trying to photograph them. They were too fast and too high. My goal was to try to capture the little birds, maybe a cardinal, a blue jay or a robin or two. I had a short window of time and was having little success. I found myself photographing industrial artifacts scattered throughout the field. Quite fun actually but then I did that thing that I like to do that I always hope I remember to do and that was to look up. There, across the field, up high on a telephone phone was the silhouette of a hawk. Too far to get a “good” shot, I knew, with the point and shoot camera I had but somehow I felt compelled to try. The sun blinded me, but I kept taking shots anyway. Of all the ones that didn’t come out, I liked this one, of the bird, its tail feathers lit by that sun. And at some point as I photographed this hawk it raised its head and I followed where it looked and there was its mate. It flew low, landing in a tree. Hunting. I was able to get a bit closer and get a better picture of it. What a glorious pair.


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