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a buttercup I think

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On the way into work this morning, I spied a bank of buttercups nestled beneath some bushes.  I had no camera in-hand, so I picked a few plants to sit on my desk as a reminder of the outside.  It’s kind of amazing how memory works because as I look at the plants I am reminded of childhood, making mudpies and decorating them with buttercups.  Anyway … I googled the plants and have learned the following:

  • Buttercups are part of the genus ranunculus that has approximately 400 species.
  • Somtimes the petals are white, but the centers are always yellow.
  • It’s poisonous!
  • The name is derived from the latin word for “little frog”

For some amazing visuals, check out this site for buttercups, up close and personal. 😉

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While lost in the Middlesex Fells on Sunday, this is some of what I saw.

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