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On New Year’s Eve, I chanced upon the PBS broadcast of Yo Yo Ma performing Azul with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.  I felt frozen listening to the musicians and enraptured by the passion on Yo Yo Ma’s face.   Later I learned in this program note of composer Osvaldo Golijov’s desire in developing this recently commissioned work for cello and orchestra to “recapture for the present that ability of the late Baroque composers to suspend time without stopping motion in their music …”  A complicated piece to say the least.  Time felt suspended for me on occasion.  When you have a chance, give a listen and see what you experience.  This link will take you to an actual video of the New York Philharmonic performance (Azul can be accessed at 14:33) or you can listen via the following Youtube video.

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Less rain falling here.  The sun is starting to part the clouds.  Still a little under the weather.  But overall … things are looking up, especially when I see baby birds taking baths in a roadside puddle and chance upon beautiful music like the following.  Enjoy. 😉

Kevin Olusola’s Lovely Hip-Hop Cello Rendition

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