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I’ve written about this bread before (please see here).  This time I managed to photograph the end result before consuming all the crumbs.

I’ve been asked for his recipe.  He says that he simply plays with the basic Cheese Bread recipe found on page 749 of The Joy of Cooking (1997 ed.).  He never uses the same selection of cheese or herbs twice.  Mostly it all depends on what’s in the refrigerator or around the kitchen on a given day.  This particular holiday loaf had a lot of Parmesan, black pepper and rosemary.  Maybe some Cheddar and Gruyere?   Well, at least, he keeps track of his culinary revisions on an increasingly smudgy index card.

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Joy is also found in Steve’s cheese bread that he likes to make on a whim and never the same way twice!  I should have photographed the finished product, all golden brown out of the oven, but somehow eating seemed more important.  I’ll try harder next time. 😉

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