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Well, I won’t lie.  I was having a moody morning to be sure.  The approaching storm outside my window didn’t help.  But instead of denying that fact, I decided to use that darker energy for this post.

I may have had no choice in the matter.  You see, as I sorted through images this morning for a project that must be bright and colorful, I found myself drawn toward the darker photos, those with branches and leaves in stark contrast against pale skies.

Like a persnickety child, I suddenly wanted to select only those images, the darkest of my photographs in black and white …

… and those in hues of all the shadowy shades.

Even though I knew I could not submit them for the project.

But selecting the images and spending time in a darker place was like taking a deep breath … or smacking a styrofoam bat against a tree.  A bit of release. 😉

Until I could abide the color amidst the shadows and the light leaking through.

Yes, I remain a bit moody and the rains have yet to fall outside my window but I think, just maybe, it might turn into an okay day.  We’ll see …

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