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I don’t remember writing the story in 2012 or so. What I do remember is that early on in our relationship I might say to Steve as we hiked, “Ah, we’ve come to a fork in the road. Which one do we take?” And his response was always something to the effect, “If there’s a fork in the road, pick it up.” Not so helpful a reply in the moment but more helpful creatively than I ever imagined. The seeds were planted so when one day a little girl asked me to make up a story about a stone in my rock collection … well, the following story somehow evolved. https://www.creativity-portal.com/articles/cynthia-staples/long-walk.html

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What do forks have to do with a long walk? Well, just click the picture or on this link to find out.    Find a tale inspired by my interactions with a five-year old who has grown adept at asking “can you make up a story about [fill in the blank],” and my interactions with a 50-plus year old  who has the spirit of a five-year old who tells me quite often what he will do with a fork in the road.

With such muses in my life, how could I not write this tale?  Please enjoy and let me know what you think.

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