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I’m excited to share that I have a guest blog appearing on Molly Anderson-Childers’ Addictive Fiction blog.  You can find my words and images here:  http://addictivefiction.blogspot.com/p/guest-starring.html

While you’re there, browse the other works that Molly has pulled together.  She has collected a wealth of resources for all types of artists.  Enjoy!

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Through the following poem and her images, guest contributor Molly J. Anderson-Childers, illuminates the magic and beauty of one of this country’s most significant and mysterious archaeological sites, Chaco Canyon.  Enjoy!

Chaco Canyon Love Song

The ancient stones speak to me,

Calling me home

This sacred place, so alive in its silence

Red rock and bluebird skies

Blooming sage on the West wind

Indian paintbrush, sunset-hued,

Fills the desert air with sweet intoxication

Desire blooms there too.

My lover undresses inside a fortress of aged sandstone

So warm in the sun

We make love to the old rhythms, with wild abandon

Clouds wash over the sky, waves in a distant sea

We are cleansed, made holy by rain

O my love, fly with me as the raven flies

Circling on night’s wings

Crumbling walls, still strong

Only worn by time, they curve and bow outwards crazily

Walk a thin cobbled path to the kivas

Feel the perfect curve of the underground walls with your eye

Look down into the past

Hear the blood-drums pounding, the voices raised in song

An ancient celebration of life

The full moon, first fruits of harvest

Share their joy and wonder

Envy these ancient ones their mysteries , unexplained by cold science

They worship the Cloud-Goddess, praying for rain

The deer their sister; the jack-rabbit their brother

The raven, a wise and trusted friend.

The deer, gentle, wide-eyed, steps lightly upon the fragile soil

She can run all day for the joy of wind in her face.

The raven, queen of the desert, surveys her domain from on high.

The jack-rabbit nestles into his warm hole with seven brothers

They snuggle underground, far from harm

Sleeping soundly in the earth‘s embrace, dreaming rabbit dreams

All in this holy place.



This poem is dedicated to my husband Charles, the man who first introduced me to the wonders of Chaco Canyon and the ancient ruins there.


Molly Anderson-Childers is a writer, artist, and creativity consultant.  Her work has appeared in print publications, both locally and nationally, including Images, Edible San Juan Mountains, The Durango Telegraph, newWitch, and Southwest Colorado Arts Perspective.  This poem was originally published in the anthology, Eternal Portraits, in 2006, with the work of other poets from all over the nation.  You can find her work published on numerous sites online- www.creativity-portal.com , www.thepaganarts.com , www.ediblesanjuanmountains.com, and www.hank-englisheducation.blogspot.com, to name a few.  She also publishes two blogs, www.stealingplums/blogspot.com and www.addictivefiction.blogspot.com .  She is currently working on her first novel, Stealing Plums.

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