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At the bottom of this post is a video of Ladysmith Black Mambazo singing Rain Rain Beautiful Rain.  A friend shared the song with me and I promised her when it next rained that I would share the song with others.

Well today is a very, very rainy and gray day in the Boston area.

Rainy and gray …

and still beautiful.

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It was the owls that first caught me, dark eyes so wise and brilliant with life.

Then I noticed the other little birds, dark bodies reminiscent of the sparrows of my Virginia youth.  The artist, Angie Pickman, is based in the midwest of Kansas. I don’t make it out that way very often and so when I see glimpses of her work in my email box via her blog I am thankful for the internet for allowing me to see such creative beauty made out of black paper.

Without ever seeing her blog posts about music, one can sense the lyricism in Angie’s cut paper work.  I’ve told her — and I am being sincere — that she has redefined my sense of black paper and negative space.  Given that she does post on occasion about music and that her paper cuts titles sometimes refer to birdsong, I asked her how music influences her visual art.  And to my pleasure she replied.  Simply click on any of the images above to learn how music has shaped this artist’s work.  Enjoy!

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