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At the beginning of May, I did a post, spring images through the double rippled glass.  Now that May nears its end, and the weather is almost consistently warm, one set of windows has been removed.  And guess what? The remaining window is a bit pitted and rippled in places too!

The bright gold forsythia flowers visible in the previous post are gone, but as I recently tried to convince a young friend, even with no flowers, green plants and hanging vines are quite beautiful.

Through the single pane, the morning light seems to shine differently, and the spring winds seem to send the vegetation moving in a different dance. My imagination is still stirred at what’s captured just by pausing for a moment.  The following image reminds me of Munch’s The Scream … though in a happier way.

And these images (only the last one altered in GIMP) remind me of those forest portals where reside dragons and other magical folk … though that thought must be influenced by recent viewings of Game of Thrones.

And, if I lift my camera above the spring green, and look up into the sky?  This is what I see, through the rippled glass.

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