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I am now used to going to the store and spying some cool vegetable, bringing it home to photograph and then turning to a startled Steve and saying, “Okay, you can cook it now.”  In our time together, I have come to greatly respect both the aesthetics and the flavor of his off-the-cuff culinary expressions.  What I’m not used to is walking through the door and him saying, “Wait until you see what I picked up at the market.  You have to photograph it before we eat it!”  It quickly became clear why this edible excited a science guy. 😉

I’ve seen exotic cauliflowers before but never one quite like this.  A Romanesco.  “Reminds me of the Mandlebrot set,” Steve said matter of factly.  “See how each little sprig is self-referential?”  Well … while I did have to look up a few terms later,  I do understand what he was saying about the fractal nature of this little guy.  It was fun to photograph, and more fun to eat.

In the end, Steve chopped it up then sauteed it in olive oil with minced garlic, a little chopped red onion and a small handful of chanterelle mushrooms.   I can’t wait to see what he picks up at the farmer’s market this weekend!

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