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“If we are a drop of water and we try to get to the ocean as only an individual drop, we will surely evaporate along the way.  To arrive at the ocean, you must go as a river.” — Thich Nhat Hanh in Creating True Peace


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Outside the office where I work today, in the branches of a dead tree, a tiny black and white woodpecker is having an awfully good time.  As I watch him inch his way around the trunk, I notice that there are many tiny holes in the brown surface of the tree.  It must be a popular stop for woodpeckers on their way from here to there.  My little friend is alone so far.  No others of the woodpecker tribe do I see.  He was runoff for a bit by the blue jays but quickly returned upon their departure.  He looked askance at a couple of cardinals but didn’t let their presence stop him from knocking head to wood.  There is a part of me that wishes to get up and find my camera but I know that if I do, when I return he may be gone.  For a while I felt a bit of chagrin that I was spending time watching this fellow instead of being productive, i.e. doing something that I could put a dollar value towards.  But then two experiences came to mind.  The first involved a recent conversation with a friend about Thich Nhat Hanh.  After I noticed one of his books in her home, she mentioned that she’d read much of his writing with one of her greatest take-aways being a reminder to be present … not just in yoga class but even while washing dishes!  The second experience took place yesterday when I chanced upon the blog, Touch2Touch, and the post, “In the Morning, Whatever.” A lovely piece that I hope you read.  What I took away, or what came back to me this morning, was this:  it is okay to pause in one’s day, to look around one’s self and to simply enjoy the moment.


And now that I’ve done that, I suppose I should get back to work. 😉

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