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A door has to be functional but it can also be beautiful. It boggles my mind to imagine that over 140 years ago someone sat down and put pencil to paper to design this door for Trinity Church in the City of Boston and perhaps thought, hmmm, well, besides adding a snazzy brass doorknob, what else can I do to jazz up this door? 🙂  My mind works in a different way. As I watch the sun shine through this decorative glass in the upper part of the church doors I begin to wonder how might these wonderful geometrics and bright colors be translated into other forms. You might be surprised! Stay tuned to this blog and follow the Trinity Church Shop Facebook page for updates on merchandise featuring these motifs.


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While on Newbury Street, I wasn’t far from one of my favorite haunts, the Boston Public Library.  I ventured there with the intent of perusing the new books and then taking a few more shots of the Sargent murals.  But instead of murals, I found myself photographing the bronze doors created for the library by Daniel Chester French.  According to the library website, there are three sets of bronze doors with each weighing 1500 pounds.  The allegorical figures, modeled in low relief, represent Music and Poetry, Knowledge and Wisdom and Truth and Romance.  I’m afraid I did not photograph Knowledge and Wisdom.  Maybe next time. 😉

You can learn more about Daniel Chester French on this Metropolitan Museum of Art page.

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