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Four ducks making their way along Shannon Beach.  I must say, if there is one animal that I have had much photographic-interaction with this year, it is the mallard duck. No matter where I find myself, in the mountains or in the heart of Boston, so long as I am near a body of water of any size, there will be a duck or two or four.  The Make Way for Duckings reference is to this famous book.

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Two of my favorite phrases that help me get through some days. 😉

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I don’t remember seeing any ducks where I grew up in Virginia so maybe that’s why they caught my attention so much in Boston.  Plus they are one of the few birds that don’t seem to mind me stalking them from shore.  Sometimes they even come right up to me.  Like this little lass on the Liffey River in Dublin.

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Pink is not my favorite color, but this July pink flowers kept catching my attention, as did blooms in white,

and in gold.

I love photographing trees reflected in water. But sometimes I was so focused on shooting such images, that I nearly missed the ducks for the trees, like these little fellows sitting silently in the bottom of my frame.

Spiders — yes, spiders! — continued to woo me with their wondrous webs. As imperfect as they are, I cannot help but share these images of spider webs I saw one July night in Maine. Layers upon layers of fog-covered webs illuminated by night lights.

Guest contributors added visual and culinary spice to our lives by sharing recipes and photographs. Links below will take you to recent posts. Expect many more tasty selections in the coming months.

Tell Me About the Petunia Wall


And what does August hold? Hmmm.

* New submissions to writing and photography contests, magazines and other Call for Artists.

* Putting better business practices into place around my creative life, from fun stuff like new business cards to better systems for cataloging and tracking images and articles.

* Following up on recent opportunities to tell other peoples’ amazing life stories.

* Pulling together all my camera gear and giving everything a good cleaning!

* Writing. Writing. Writing.

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Make Way for the Duckling

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