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Detail from Early Work by Donald Langosy

untitled, detail from early work by painter donald langosy

In a crumbling building in a hipster city, a private collector has many early works of Mr. Langosy. It was my privilege to view them recently, and of all the works, this one stood out to me greatly, a father holding his child, his large hand cradling while a small hand reaches up. This detail from a study of a painting never completed captured fatherhood for me. I was reminded of my father, a large man, and how he used to hold my hand. Except for an occasional wild tale, my father was mostly a silent man, conveying a lot through touch. He didn’t often say “good job” or other words of praise.  It was a pat on the top of one’s head or his hand resting on your shoulder. Then you knew you’d done well. With Father’s Day approaching, he comes to mind of course. His hand I can hold no more but the memories are enough. And for those memories I am thankful.

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Jordan Playing in the Leaves, photo by Dad

Jordan Playing in the Leaves

My brother is not off the hook for his guest post about music and mountains, but I must admit that this photo he did share of his son at play in a field of leaves was quite an autumn treat.  A 3-year old the size of a 5-year old with big brown eyes filled with wonder at the world.  My brother wrote that it is an image that makes him want to sit and write “about the joy and emotions of Fall and Winter.”  I hope he does put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and that Jordan keeps playing in the leaves. 😉

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