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fennel climbing the window



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I purchased the little pot of fennel as an experiment.  Just to try growing something I’d never tried before.  After an initial mishap involving watering (or lack thereof), the herb seems to be doing alright.  Still haven’t really cooked with it yet, but I do love the shadows it casts.

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My favorite flower shop, Ricky’s, has reopened, providing further evidence that Spring is truly here.  He does not yet have his full array of herbs on display but he had enough to make me happy as I walked into the shop. I departed with some standard items, e.g. two different types of thyme, but I also walked out with something new that I’ve never tried to grow before.  Fennel.

The resident chef seemed happy with sight of the little pot on the table.  We’ll see what he does with the feathery fronds in future dishes.  Meanwhile, the other indoor greenery continues to do well, bathed by the light of the new season.



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