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with mountains and meadows through which soft green rivers run. That’s what I saw as I picked these leaves of kale.


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The kale was purchased from the farmers market yesterday. It is a big green bouquet sitting in a silver bowl of water next to the window in the kitchen. The wide frilled leaves are draped over my basil and a few other herbs. It’s temporary shade since we’ll soon eat it up. But until the cooking commences, sunlight shines through the larger leaves.

From across the room I could make out the pale tracery of the stem. It was that illumination that drew me across the room. That was what I intended to photograph, the stems and the various branching. But when I got close my eyes were drawn to something different.

The interior darknesses like shadows in a dense forest. The curling of the leaves. The subtle variation in the colors of green. The leaves reflected in the water like dark clouds in a white sky or fir trees reflected in a still pond.

It was an unexpected moment of observation and exploration of perspective. All to be found in a few leaves of kale. 😉

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