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First up, Japan!  As mentioned in last month’s update, I had the unique opportunity to travel to Japan where I spent three days in Kobe and three days in Kyoto.  View images here. Food was a highlight.  While there, I was indeed introduced to takoyaki, also known as Octopus Balls.  While I admired the satisfied looks on peoples’ faces as they popped the delicacies into their mouths, I decided to abstain until my next trip.

I did indulge in some of the best and freshest sushi I have ever eaten.  Just before departing Japan, I saw a Michelin man dancing in front of a bookstore.  Here’s why. My favorite food discovery was the art of preparing food for display.

An unexpected visual treat was to stumble upon the Festival of Ages, and to trek to Kurama outside of Kyoto to attend the annual Fire Festival. More pictures forthcoming.

Special thanks to recent guest contributors, friends and family who shared their images, including Lorraine’s Rainbow, Keith’s Sunrise and Frank’s Rose (below).

Publication Updates

  • A Boston-based nonprofit serving the homeless has selected one of my photos for its walls, Harbor Rocks.
  • Steve’s Kitchen Window appears in the November/December issue of Orion Magazine, in bookstores now.
  • Monday, November 1st, visit the Evolving Critic for a guest blog about my photographic adventures along the Charles River.



  • Inspired by his years of traveling in Japan, guest contributor Steve will write about sake.
  • Photos of New England in autumn.
  • Updates on winter sales events, silent auction participation, and other upcoming exhibits before year’s end.

And that’s the scoop, folks.  Thanks for reading!

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I think they must be an aquired taste, octopus balls.  I have seen them each morning in the hotel buffet.   I even placed one on my plate and was encouraged by the golden crispy exterior.   It looked like hushpuppies from my youth.  Except hushpuppies are just deep fried bits of seasoned cornbread.  Pry apart an octopus ball.  Then the truth is revealed:  pale puffed bread steaming fragrantly and nestled saftely therein , soft pink-gray tentacles.  I stared long and hard at the little suction cups imagining how they might feel against my tongue.  Not exactly the experience I wanted for breakfast.  Though I consider myself a fairly adventurous person, I could not do it.  I could not bring the fork to my mouth.  I did take a picture.  Stay tuned. 😉

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