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I only had to hop one fence, calm down one startled rabbit, and wade hip-deep through one muddy grove to reach the graveled path leading up to the power station.  I had visited this area before and was curious what this season held for viewing.  For the most part, I kept my camera aimed high hoping to catch sight of the hawk I’d seen before but then at some point I realized I should watch my footing on the icy rocks.  I glanced down and this is what I saw.

In one small area ice sheets stretched.  In some places water bubbled beneath the surface.  Rocks and leaves were enveloped by sheer winter wraps.   Later at home I played around a bit with the lighting.  Revealed were bright stars in a dark sky and stained glass perfect for an outdoor cathedral.

One day later my hands are still cold from that impromptu icy shoot.  But I think the numbness was worth it.

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