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And now that I am decidedly back in the U.S. for a bit, I am able to return to familiar haunts, like this Woburn field that I’ve been photographing over the years.





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I’ve got to get better at labeling my photos but this was indeed the 16th photo that I saved after a quick photo walk through the office park in Woburn, MA.  It is a tight image of a small pool of water in a field.  The sun was shining bright but then a cloud passed over.

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A few images from a return visit to a field in Woburn, Massachusetts.

A very small field in an office park with an amazing variety of wildlife present.

I wasn’t set up to photograph the birds (or record their symphony of birdsong) though I kept catching flashes of bright orange, red, black and gold feathers.

As always, I scared a few rabbits deeper into the underbrush.

No hawks this time or foxes.

In the end …

I mostly focused on the landscape.

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Why am I seeking serenity?  Well, in short, I made the “mistake” of looking at the headlines of the New York Times but it is one of those deeds that must be done on occasion so you know, if only a little bit, about what’s happening in the world.  After reading a few articles and sighing deeply, I decided I needed some serene images to pave my way for the rest of the day.  So I went back through the files and selected these images taken a few years ago in a field in Woburn, MA.  Hope you enjoy them and have a good Friday.

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More images from that field and stream bed next to an office park in Woburn, Massachusetts where I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in Fall, Winter and now in Spring.  I hope that I am able to return in Summer.

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but actually just water running over rocks in a little stream in Woburn.

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That was the word that came to mind after I downloaded this image.  A bit imperfect but somehow it felt wrong to delete it.

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I only had to hop one fence, calm down one startled rabbit, and wade hip-deep through one muddy grove to reach the graveled path leading up to the power station.  I had visited this area before and was curious what this season held for viewing.  For the most part, I kept my camera aimed high hoping to catch sight of the hawk I’d seen before but then at some point I realized I should watch my footing on the icy rocks.  I glanced down and this is what I saw.

In one small area ice sheets stretched.  In some places water bubbled beneath the surface.  Rocks and leaves were enveloped by sheer winter wraps.   Later at home I played around a bit with the lighting.  Revealed were bright stars in a dark sky and stained glass perfect for an outdoor cathedral.

One day later my hands are still cold from that impromptu icy shoot.  But I think the numbness was worth it.

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