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This is what happened when raspberries accidentally got crushed in my house. They’d bounced around a bit too much in their packaging on the way home.  Steve took a look at them, rubbed his chin and then with a faraway look in his eyes said, “I have an idea.”

The next morning there was a sweet scent in the air. I made my way into the kitchen, and there on the table next to the plate of hot buttered toast sat a small bowl of warm red sauce. His recipe, more or less: crushed berries cooked with a little butter and brandy, sweetened with a touch of sugar, and flavored with half a teaspoon of crushed black walnuts.

It’s a recipe that will continue to evolve. If we accidentally or on purpose crush anymore raspberries, he’d like to try maple syrup in place of the sugar. And maybe toss in a different nut like crushed hazelnuts. I’ll try any variation on the theme so long as there’s time to photograph the results.  Have a good day. 😉

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