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Okay, I have to admit, not only the mallards paused to let me snap a photo.  As I watched the swans’ feathers rustling in the winds whipping through St. Stephen’s Green, I thought of the Greek myth Leda and the Swan.  Only later as I walked through the National Library of Ireland’s exhibit on William Butler Yeats did I learn that Yeats had published a highly regarded sonnet on the subject in 1924. 

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While in Dublin, I visited great cathedrals and amazing galleries, and even attended an intimate music performance.  The people were friendly and always willing to share a tale or two.  Sometimes the accents were so thick I could not understand a word but I didn’t care because the flow of the words were like music as well.

In addition to music, Dublin is a city noted for its great literary heritage and perhaps that is why I did not often pull out my camera (along with the rain and wind and such).  I was too busy listening, or even sitting down on occasion with pen and paper myself.  When I did pull out my camera, I found myself less photographing churches and more trying to capture nature.  And in particular I felt compelled to try capturing the leaves in Saint Stephen’s Green, a public park located near the hotel.

What called to me?  I guess the colors and patterns …

… and emerging contrasts as autumn continues to unfold …

… and there was the glisten from intermittent rains.

In a city that has a lot of hustle and bustle, especially with Trinity College right there in the center, the park was a calm respite …

… and a joy to traverse even in the rain. 😉

You can read more about Saint Stephen’s Green on Wikipedia via this link.

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