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With the paper in front …

… and with the paper as background.


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In winter I feel an intense yearning for gardening and flowers.  This year I decided to try my hand at winter bulbs. I picked up an inexpensive all-in-one planting package (e.g. bulbs, soil, the pot and instructions).  The bulbs were planted in loose soil.  I tucked them in a cool dark place until they sprouted, and then placed them in a coveted sunny spot.  Seemed like it was taking forever for them to sprout.  Then overnight they blossomed explosively.  How lovely they were.  I walked back and forth past my garden admiring, with some pride I must say, how the sunlight shone through the leaves and petals.

Eventually though, in the area near my plants, I noticed a scent that I found unpleasant.  I wondered if a mouse had died under the table or in the wall and was decomposing.  Or perhaps someone in the building had a trash can that needed cleaning.

Oh the horror when I realized that the scent arose from my paperwhites!

Next time I’ll do my online research beforehand instead of after the fact.  Maybe then I would have discovered interesting facts such as  about a quarter of the population cannot stand the scent of paperwhites.*  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m grateful for their beauty.  I may plant them again, but perhaps a different, less fragrant variety! 😉

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