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an unexpected gift from a friend

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The recipe for this photo shoot:  a few sprigs of baby’s breath, a small red bowl, a gold saucer, one stone, and a square of blue cloth.

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I sat in the hallway trying to find some focus as I shifted between writing projects.  But focus was not coming and so at last, a bit agitated, I started to rise.  That’s when my eyes fell upon a clear vase.  In fact it was a drinking cup that I’d turned into a vase after the plastic had begun to crack.  It held an inch or so of water and a few sprigs of baby’s breath.

The sunlight shone through it magnificently, and somehow that light brought a great sense of calm.

I shook the vase to let the light dance.

Then some petals fell in casting their shadows.

And then I could not resist … I dunked in several sprigs, curious to see what new shapes would emerge.  New shapes did and so did several rainbows.

Soon the light shifted as it always, eventually does.  I crumbled the baby’s breath on top the soil of another growing plant.  The empty vase I placed back in the window.

I share these photos of that light-filled moment with you.  And now I am off to write. 😉


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I have been trying to photograph a vase of baby’s breath for quite a while now.  The stems were part of a larger bouquet, just filler for the fancier flowers.  But as those flowers passed away, the baby’s breath remained, tall and strong though with a certain fragility.

This morning as I sat at the kitchen table thinking about the chaos in many a friend and family member’s life right now, people who are bearing the weight of so much sadness, my eyes kept falling upon the vase of baby’s breath.  The light from that same sun that struck the green sage mentioned in an earlier post now fell upon fine white petals.

Against the backdrop of a window still covered in frost, the petals reminded me of fresh fallen snow with the dazzle of glistening flakes and the accompanying quiet that descends upon the land.  In those moments, I always think of snow as a beautiful thing.

I once wrote a poem about white being the color of sadness.  When I wrote those words years ago, that feeling was true.  Today I feel differently.  I don’t know what color sadness is for me today, but I know it is not white.

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