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It was cold. We couldn’t last long but what we did see this New Year’s Day was quite worth the frigid quick roundtrip.











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Walking through Belle Isle Marsh is not a traditional escape into the wild. Logan Airport is nearby so passenger planes fly overhead continuously. Stare into the distance and in one direction, over the marshy land, you see the glittering cityscape of downtown Boston skycrapers. In another direction you see the candy colored houses of residents who live nearby. It is a well-attended, and well-tended, state park located in East Boston. I tend to visit late in the day on a Sunday for about an hour which once led to the creation of this book, One Hour in Belle Isle. After the recent long journey it was a treat to return to this familiar place. To see autumn unfolding in the salt marsh. And yes once again for about an hour.


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There were nearly as many birdwatchers as baby birds at the Belle Isle Marsh this weekend. And I’m not sure the birds were pleased.

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Thanks for viewing this blog and all of your wonderful comments.  Best wishes to you and yours this day, and may you have a Happy New Year filled with brightness.

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As I post this picture taken yesterday of ice on a Belle Isle trail, I look out the kitchen window and view light dancing upon water.  Not river or pond water but water pooling upon asphalt.  Heavy rains in New England at the moment, and the light that shines down is street  and car lights.  Red, gold, green.  In this photo, the sun was setting and illuminating wonderful patterns at my feet of water cradling rocks and broken glass and bits of grass.

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It was to be a short walk in the Belle Isle Marsh.  I expected to capture sunlight on branches.  The snowy owl in a tree was quite the surprise.  Thanks to a kind stranger who pointed out the white spot and even let people borrow his binoculars for a better look.

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