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I’ve been reading that grackles can be very domineering birds so maybe that’s why when I walk by the river and I see grackles everywhere I don’t see many other smaller species of birds around. I know that I’ve seen them for years but for some reason the iridescence of their feathers is especially catching my eye this year.


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and water shaping rock in the Charles River.

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It was a long walk by the Charles River from Harvard Square and then along Greenough Boulevard. I had set myself a time limit for venturing forth and then I having to turn back. But somehow I always lose track of time as curiosity overwhelms common sense. There’s always one more thing to see around the bend in the road or over the banks of the river. But no matter how much I ache the following day, when I look at the images, its always worth it.




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Seen while walking very very quickly by the Charles River today.

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Bright afternoon light on the Charles River.

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Several analogies came to mind. The sun like liquid gold spilling over rocks into the sea. The sun in a bucket being dribbled from the heavens into the waters below. Jackson Pollack with a wide paintbrush and blue canvas and working only with shades of gold. In the end as in the beginning it was simply reflections of mostly bare branches and refraction at work in the gentle rolling waves of the Charles River.

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