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Not flower petals. No view through rippled windows. It is a piece of cloth draped over a chair.  Yes, in that same kitchen with those magnificent windows. A bright ray of sun shone through and settled in the various folds.

The only reason I knew to look up from my laptop and in that direction was because the sun was burning my arm. My camera was near. I did not adjust the settings but what I captured I liked. The impressions of light and suggestion of form and the shifting shades of colors.

Eventually I did shift settings so that I might capture just a bit more of reality.

And after that I could play again in the light.

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Here are a few of the things inspiring me of late:

Sunlight shining through Japanese Maple leaves.

Japanese Noh robes as described in the book, Patterns and Poetry.

And always, always, always, trees –  their green leaves, bare branches and beautiful barks.


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