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The first thought that comes to mind when I look in the bottom of my cup in the morning is that a certain person makes a really, really strong pot of coffee in the French Press. Which is probably why of late I’ve only been drinking that one cup (or two) in the morning and having no more during the day. The second thought that comes to mind is “Wow! Fractals are everywhere!”


The patterns in the bottom of the cup are little different from the patterns in the sand as the sea washes up onto shore and rushes back again. And little different from the patterns upon the earth as wind and rivers erode the land. Same forces at work I’ve been told. A fun discovery … though I think I will need to cut my coffee with hot water in the future. 🙂


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A gray day in the Boston area.  I am trying very hard to focus on all the writing projects I have due this week.  The only legit excuse I’ve given myself to rise from this chair is for coffee.  Coffee is one of those substances in which as an adult I have at times overindulged.  As a child, I associated coffee with my father.  My mother, by the time I was old enough to notice, drank only hot tea (Lipton’s with a half teaspoon of sugar).  My dad preferred instant coffee.


One teaspoon of the dark brown granules in his orange plastic cup.  The resulting brew liberally lightened with canned  Pet evaporated milk, and sweetened with two heaping teaspoons of sugar.  Sometimes if I sat on his lap he’d let me have a slurp or two.  It wasn’t until I went away to college that I had fresh brewed coffee.  Took me  a while to get used to the complex flavors.  I continued to buy instant, but less for the flavor than for the connection to my dad, especially on Sunday mornings when we would speak by phone.   Years later, after I had moved to Boston and began working for a start-up nonprofit, brewed coffee became manna.  Didn’t hurt that I lived in a Boston neighborhood with a coffee shop at every corner (and that was before Starbucks made inroads).  I always had a coffee cup in hand.  In fact, one year for my birthday, Bert, a good friend and colleague, drew my cup of the moment.

Today I drink from a simple white mug a coffee recently roasted by Steve’s son-in-law.  I had to grind the beans myself before brewing.  I’ve already had two cups.  I think I’ll give myself permission to have one more cup … after I complete a couple of items on my list.  Until then … enough of these coffee musings.  I hope your day goes well! 😉

Kyle's Coffee

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For a while, after successfully navigating my way through Thailand, I thought that I would do an annual solo trip to some exotic place in the world, with exotic defined as any place not here. The next really big trip I took was to Costa Rica. I didn’t have the same finances nor drive to travel there for a month. Finally I sketched out a one-week trip. Again, I wasn’t really into photography then so most of the images I have available today are in my head or included as part of my postcard collection. I still need to sort through the journals from that period, but even off the cuff, I can remember two things quite clearly, the taste of fresh made Costa Rican coffee and my first sight of the Blue Morpho.

Photo by RainyDays3

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