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We were strolling through the flower market.  He pointed over my shoulder and suggested I photograph the orange flower.  And so I turned, spotted orange, and photographed this one.

But he’d meant this one.  Glad I got ’em both.

There were many other lovely finds at the flower market that day. 😉

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Ricky’s Flower Market is a lovely shop in the heart of Union Square in Somerville, Massachusetts.  When his door opens April-ish, then you know spring has arrived even if there’s still snow on the ground.  When I need a visual respite, I like to wander through his indoor/outdoor space that’s filled with annuals, perennials, herbs, clay pots and everything and anything else needed for gardening.  When the sun finally popped out this morning, I decided to make my way over there, and I am glad I did.

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