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When I saw Donna’s photos from Lovell, Maine I knew I wanted to share them and so I asked her for some words to accompany them. She shared a poem written by her partner’s daughter, Kristin Roberts, and suggested Kristin’s words might work instead. A perfect pairing. The poem, written by Kristin in the 7th grade, attests to her sensitivity and great observational skills about nature, about the people who engage with the Lovell landscape, and about the passage of time. Please enjoy this lovely pairing of words and images that capture the season.

Photo by Donna Stenwall


Crimson, buttercup, marigold leaves swirl rustling around in rhythm of Autumn. The icy winds swipe.

Bee charmers with nets on their crowns, collect the pure golden honey from dripping cones. Farmers collect apples just before the tart crispy fruit turns to ripe.

The bitter winds nip at my face, redden my cheeks, numb my fingers, while icy blue Jack frost freezes Queen Anne’s lace.

Warm golden summer’s gone.

Photo by Donna Stenwall

Oaks and birches are stripped bare. Rifle shots ring out in echo as sharp eyed hunters bring down swift graceful deer.

Sweet singing birds long ago flew south, replaced with huge black crows with their loud mocking mouths.

Soft fluffy snow will soon replace corpsed grass. And the awful sight soon will pass.

Photo by Donna Stenwall

My lawn is littered with bright leaves, each unique in its own way. Dark misty evening is extended. Gray dawns are gloomy, bright mornings have ended.

Brilliant gay summers will be here at last, when the silver season after golden Autumn soon comes to pass.

by Kristin Roberts (1981-2011)

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Please enjoy — https://photosbycynthia.smugmug.com/Travel/Maine-2017/


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As I walked in the woods in Maine, I thought often of photographer Eliot Porter (1901-1990) especially when I tried to train my camera on the fall of light on bared branches …


and on shadows shifting across gray stone made colorful with wildflowers and lichen.


And then of course as you’re focusing on light and branches you realize that there are other things being illuminated as well.


Still sorting pictures. A wonderful work in progress. Stay tuned. 🙂


p.s. You can learn more about Eliot Porter here:




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Found in a field in Maine. I have no idea what this plant is but thought it rather luminous. If you know, please share.


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The main thought that comes to mind as I finally settle down to sort through all of the pictures I took during a 2-day stay in Maine is: how in the world am I going to organize these images? Which images do I keep and which ones do I discard?


Which ones will become prints versus a note card?


Which ones might inspire a scarf?


It is a wonderfully calming challenge to have in a world so full of chaos. Once I settle on a plan for the photos you know I’ll be sure to share. Meanwhile, good thoughts and best wishes go out to all those struggling in this moment.



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It’s going to take a while to download all of the pictures I took this past weekend in Maine. Until then, I’ll share the image of this little fellow watching me from his rocky perch in Acadia.

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Recently, in the quiet of the Maine woods and along the shores I saw many beautiful things.  Like a feather caught in seaweed.

And wild blueberries sprouting along rocky crags.

Pinecones, of course.

Most surprising were the butterflies and moths.

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