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It is another one of those hidden gems in an architectural masterpiece that sits in the heart of the city of Boston.  The Sunday School Windows were designed by Clayton & Bell of London, England.  The left window depicts the story of the Presentation of Jesus, with Simeon holding the baby in his arms …

while standing nearby are Mary and Joseph.

The right window tells the story of Jesus in the Temple, with the doctors in the room …

as a young Jesus both listens and asks questions …

with two little children beside him.

Most captivating to me are the hands and the eyes, and the mix of colors and patterns within the glass, and how all of these components are pulled together to tell stories without words.

While these windows, a gift of the Children of Trinity Sunday School, are not viewable as a part of a traditional tour of Trinity Church in Copley Square, many other beautiful works can be seen as part of a tour of this historic landmark.  Learn more here.  Meanwhile, I look forward to sharing more images from this building and other structures in the future.

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