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As I’ve written about before, one of the great pleasures for me of stepping into a church is to see the wide variety of artistic expression through stained glass.  Such is certainly the case with a quick visit to St. Augustine’s, a Gothic church in Galway completed in 1859.

Apparently during renovations in the 1970s, the original window over the main altar was replaced by a new window depicting the Resurrection. The artist is George W. Walsh.You can read a bit more about Mr. Walsh via this link. His father, with whom he apprenticed for several years, was a pupil of stained glass artist and illustrator Harry Clarke.

While no one seemed to mind me meandering about with my camera, I focused mostly on that window above the altar with its many lovely parts making an incredibly beautiful whole.

The other window that caught my attention happened to be a depiction of St. Augustine himself.  Later I discovered that Mr. Walsh also composed and completed that window.

It was a bit rainy that day so I did not take many exterior shots, but via this link you can view the building.  On this webpage, you can read just a bit more about the history of the Augustinians in Galway and more about the construction of this particular building.


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